New LNA 2 to 18 GHz

ERZIA adds a new LNA to the wideband category operating from 2 to 18 GHz, make sure to find the solution that more fits your application between all the options that you can find in our catalogue.

New Wideband Category for LNA 2 to 18 Ghz

Richardson RFPD and ERZIA Technologies SL Announce Global Franchise Agreement

Richardson RFPD and ERZIA Technologies SL Announce Global Franchise Agreement
Agreement includes COTS HPA modules and LNA modules

ERZIA is proud to announce a global distribution agreement with Richardson RFPD. The agreement covers ERZIA’s commercial off-the-shelf products, including high-power/driver amplifier (HPA) modules and low noise amplifier (LNA) modules.

Santander Teleport receives the award to the independent teleport operator of the year.

The World Teleport Association has chosen Santander Teleport as the winner of the prestigious Independent Teleport of the Year award at its annual ceremony meeting. This event takes place annually in the city of Washington during the Satellite trade show, of which Santander Teleport exhibits its services to the public.

New Representative in Japan

ERZIA is glad to announce the agreement with M-RF Co., Ltd. as our new representative in Japan. With this new partnership ERZIA strenght its position in Japan, where we epect an important increase of sales of our microwave and millimeter wave modular amplifiers for the aerospace and defence markets.

M-RF Co., Ltd. is a trading company with 22 years of experience of specializing in the import and sale of high-frequency parts with offices in Tokyo and Osaka.

X band HPA Release

The ERZ-HPA-0850-0980-53 is a pulsed High Power Amplifier based on GaN technology focused for Radar applications in X band. It provides 250W in a compact size and modularity.

With this new release ERZIA increments the High Power Amplifier family in X band dedicated to Radar applications.

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