Our latest Wideband High Power Amplifiers (WHPAs) Consistently Deliver High Output Power Throughout Their Bands

ERZIA Technologies, an RF/microwave amplifier and integrated assembly company delivering COTS solutions for high-performance/high frequency applications, has recently announced a breakthrough in a design approach that answers the call for wideband high power amplifiers (WHPAs) that offer both broadband frequency coverage and consistent output power throughout bands as high as E-band. These wideband designs are among the first of their kind to be capable of withstanding the harshest environments while holding output power in place.

Wideband HPAs Have High Output Power Through Their Bands

ERZIA has released more than 20 new high reliable amplifiers during 2019.

ERZIA continues growing its amplifiers portfolio adding more than 20 new references providing the best performance and reliability in our customer´s systems. This achievement will increase the availability of more off-the-shelf products, mitigating risks, reducing delivery time and keeping the same high-quality production associated to the ERZIA brand.

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More Than 20 New High Reliable RF, HPA, & LNA Amplifiers

QV-LIFT first communication

On Wednesday 5th December, the members of the QV-LIFT team closed the very first two-way loop between the Aeronautical Terminal and the Earth Station operating in Tito Scalo (Italy) through the Alphasat satellite.

This achievement represents a remarkable and successful milestone for the QV-LIFT project.

The Aeronautical Terminal carries state of the art components manufactured by ERZIA such as as the LNB and BUC that enable the communication in Q and V bands.

ERZIA Closes First Two- Way Communication Loop Through Alphasat Satellite

New LNA 2 to 18 GHz

ERZIA adds a new LNA to the wideband category operating from 2 to 18 GHz, make sure to find the solution that more fits your application between all the options that you can find in our catalogue.

New Wideband Category for LNA 2 to 18 Ghz

Richardson RFPD and ERZIA Technologies SL Announce Global Franchise Agreement

Richardson RFPD and ERZIA Technologies SL Announce Global Franchise Agreement
Agreement includes COTS HPA modules and LNA modules

ERZIA is proud to announce a global distribution agreement with Richardson RFPD. The agreement covers ERZIA’s commercial off-the-shelf products, including high-power/driver amplifier (HPA) modules and low noise amplifier (LNA) modules.

Santander Teleport receives the award to the independent teleport operator of the year.

The World Teleport Association has chosen Santander Teleport as the winner of the prestigious Independent Teleport of the Year award at its annual ceremony meeting. This event takes place annually in the city of Washington during the Satellite trade show, of which Santander Teleport exhibits its services to the public.