Integrated assemblies


ERZIA collaborates with customer engineering teams around the world to design, prototype, qualify and manufacture integrated RF and Microwave subsystems. Our approach is to provide highly integrated and performant devices that save time, space, cost, and improve final system performance.

With 20-years of design experience and proven best practices, we are expert at re-using existing topologies and structures, when possible, and designing new ones when needed. Our designs are ready for exigent qualifications and reliable and repeatable production. We also focus on automatization techniques for manufacturing and testing processes, all of which are controlled and certified against our 9100 and 9001 quality systems.

Our devices can be found in RF and microwave systems implemented in air, ground, and naval platforms around the world. Can we help you to improve your system? Do you have a new design, and it needs to extract the maximum of existing technology? Let’s talk!