An Examination of ERZIA’s GaN-Based Microwave Solid-State Power Amplifiers in X-Band

Operating within the 8.0–12.0 GHz frequency range, X-Band radar systems have proved vital across various industries, including meteorology, air traffic control, defense, and maritime services. Their exceptional resolution and accuracy make them indispensable in our technology-driven world.

Air traffic control uses X-Band radars for real-time tracking of airborne traffic, while in maritime services, these radars aid in navigation and collision avoidance.

COTS Modular Microwave Amplifiers for NewSpace Missions

NewSpace programs demand ways to improve performance and reliability for their commercial space-based systems, platforms, and payloads. The key to meeting these demands lies in finding innovative long-range technologies that optimize power, and maximize receiver and transmit efficiency while minimizing size, mass, and DC power consumption – all at a lower cost.

SPACE HERITAGE PRODUCT GUIDE 2023 has a long and impressive history of supplying critical components to the space industry, with a proven track record of designing and manufacturing high performance 'space-qualified' RF and microwave devices that deliver as promised. As a leading innovator in the NewSpace industry, ERZIA offers a range of smart, off the-shelf COTS amplifiers designed to help achieve a more rapid design, build, test, and launch for your next space mission.


Exciting news! We are pleased to announce the release of our new ERZIA Product Guide for 2023. This comprehensive Product Catalog features direct links to each product webpage, allowing you to easily access the information you need about our robust devices and modules. Our current lineup of ERZIA products includes some of the most advanced and reliable devices available in the industry.

Microwave Assembilies & Millimeter Wave Devices Product Guide 2023

Comparing Linearity Measurements in a GaN Ka-Band Satcom Power Amplifier

The superior power density and power efficiency of GaN-based amplifiers make them ideal for the manufacturing of smaller and more efficient transmitters. There’s only one issue: the non-linear behavior on maximum power areas can degrade the transmitted signal to a point where it becomes useless.

Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) measurements can help. Learn more about using this method to establish amplifier behavior under a specific modulated input signal to achieve a clear indication of amplifier performance for a given application.

Accurate Noise Figure Measurement in ERZIA K/Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifiers for Satcom Applications

The satellite communications industry is in constant evolution, always looking for new technologies and approaches to handle the exponentially increasing traffic demand. Driven by this continuous objective, higher RF and Microwave frequency bands have been gradually introduced, initially for networks in relatively low frequencies, such as L-Band, C-Band or X-Band, then for higher frequencies like Ku-Band which is widely used nowadays. The higher the frequency, the wider the channels, so bigger data capacity is required, thus the interest in exploiting the K/Ka-Bands and Q/V Bands.

satcom noise figure

How to Design RF Amplifiers for Space-based Acousto-optic Tunable Filter Systems

Designing and building an RF amplifier that can boost a low power generated RF signal required by an AOTF crystal that acts as an optical fiber may appear to be easy for experienced RF designers. However, the special conditions required for space-based scientific instruments make this task an interesting challenge.

AOTF Tech Brief
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