Work and live in a unique place

We are Erzia

We create the future of communication. Our goal is ambitious: it all started in a room and last year we landed with an ERZIA-made part on the moon. But it won't end here. We will keep on expanding and be leaders in what we do. We are ERZIA and maybe you will be too.

Pay and benefits

Erzia has hired an excellent group of engineers - not only highly competent, but also fun and interesting people. One of the best things is that they are, on average, very young, so there's a happy, vibrant energy in the air. Having a full and balanced life on and off the job is important.

Our competitive salaries are determined according to skill, discipline and level. Our performance recognition approach is designed to continuously assess proper placement within the market range.


"I was brought up in this region and although I never discarded the idea of living abroad, I have always been keen to settle in Cantabria, my home. Working at Erzia allows me to develop my professional career in the area I love and enjoy, whilst living close to relatives and friends.

Cantabria is a great place to live, close to the mountains and the sea, with some of the most fantastic beaches in Spain. Not easy to find a place like this, with this quality of life. I enjoy spending time with the people I am close with, family and friends. As time goes by, I value this more and more.

I feel lucky to work at a company that appreciates what you do and achieve, and also allows me and my colleagues to grow professionally and personally. Come and join us, you will soon find out that Erzia is different."

"Working in Erzia is a privilege. When I finished my university degree, I never thought I could find such a great place to work. In Erzia I am developing my skills every day, in an environment where I can feel the difference my contributions make to the progression of the company.

Many days I wake up and realise how lucky I am for having the opportunity to live in Santander. I have lived in this town for the past 10 years I love every part of it. Santander is close to the sea, it has a fantastic beach and wonderful walking trails. It is also an affordable town to get by, far from other bigger capitals in Spain. Spanish love socialising over a snack, some tapas, a coffee or cocktail at any time. Santander offers plenty of nice bars and restaurants that are reasonably priced for the experience.

Santander is quality of life, and that is priceless. And working in Erzia offers me new challenges every day that put my skills to the test and help me grow in my career, whilst allowing me to live in this fantastic place.

Come and join us! We are waiting for you!"

Work and life in Santander

Santander is a wonderful city located in the north of Spain. The northern regions of Spain are less know to foreign visitors, but they keep some of the country's most precious jewels: amazing landscapes and charming beaches, friendly peoples and nature preserves.

Santander is the capital of Cantabria (Spanish region), it has around 185.000 inhabitants and is a middle-large size city that spreads along its bay.

Astounishing surroundings

What to do in Santander

To be honest, everything. It's a unique place where you can exercise every sport you can imagine. Relax on one of the region's 63 beaches, walk and go out in a lively city center, visit interesting museums and got to concerts, explore beautiful gardens and nature preserves,... The quality of life in Santander is amazing. In 15 minutes you are on a beach no matter where you stand in the city. So that means when working in Erzia that when the sun is shining you actually can go on a break on the beach and come back. We have to think really hard to name a city where you have this privilege. Oh yes, the package also includes no traffic jams, pure air and amazing views...

Living abroad

It doesn't matter where you are from. Everybody is welcome at ERZIA. If you are good at what you do and if you are a pro-active person then there might be a good chance that ERZIA is your future. We love to mix cultures and we are an open-minded corporation.

Think you can improve us?

We are always looking for innovative people who change the future!