ERZIA Renews ISO9001 and EN9100 Quality Certifications

Quality is a Way of Life: ERZIA Renews ISO9001 and EN9100 Quality Certifications

At ERZIA, we’ve always been proud of our reputation for quality and reliability. From the very beginning, while working on European Space Agency projects, we made it a defining principle to adhere to the highest quality standards. Our commitment to quality has not wavered even as we have evolved from serving the space industry to include other markets that require the same high standards for reliability and quality such as aerospace, defense, and satellite communications. To validate our quality philosophy, we implemented ISO 9001:2015 and received certification in 2008. We also implemented UNE:EN 9100:2018 standards and received certification in 2014.

Why is a commitment to quality important at ERZIA?

ISO 9001:2015 certification grants that ERZIA has a general Quality Management System in place including a series of processes, sub-processes, policies, and tools to provide for consistent performance and quality assurance. It gives credence to ERZIA’s process-oriented approach to documenting and continually improving the procedures required to achieve effective quality management throughout the company.

UNE:EN:9100 is the European equivalent to US AS9100 aerospace industry certification. It goes much deeper in specifying operational processes typical of this industry and establishes a series of indicators and methodologies that guarantee not only the quality of the manufactured products but also other critical measurements such as full traceability and control of the individual components during production and testing. Adding EN9100 certification was a natural and required progression of ERZIA’s commitment, given our strong presence as a preferred supplier to several aeronautic and military programs.

How is consistent quality achieved in our daily work?

One of our guiding principles in managing quality is to be flexible and to continuously adapt our processes to the day-to-day reality of production. As a result, we have implemented a full range of certified controls and processes that are almost invisible in daily work life, but include the necessary processes and procedures to attain the quality levels our aerospace and defense clients demand. In fact, our enterprise resource planning (ERP) contains a full record of our supply chain to enable complete traceability of components, warehouse locations, and delivery times. In addition, this detailed product information is available to our production team for log-books and automated tests. The entire work flow process at ERZIA, from the generation of the quotation to the shipment authorization, is connected to the same management platform to control quality throughout the entire delivery process.

Why this is important for our customers?

We recognize that our customers are extremely demanding when it comes to quality, so the best news is no news from the quality assurance department. This means that all units have passed strict internal inspections and they are performing in line with ERZIA’s ongoing mission of technical excellence and quality.

Long term reliability is also critically important to our customers. Our products and solutions are proven to the stand the test of time. In the rare instance that a product concern arises, we are able to quickly identify the root of any potential issue to remedy the situation using full traceability and documentation in our manufacturing process. At ERZIA, quality management is not an option; it is part of our culture and a way of doing business that delivers the best possible products and on-time delivery experiences to our customers.

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