There are several methods for making noise figure (NF) measurements of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave low noise amplifiers (LNAs), each with a wide number of options, instruments, and techniques. In a recent Tech Brief, Erzia reviews how we came up with an approach using standard laboratory equipment that can easily be followed by trained personnel working at higher frequencies to obtain optimal NF data.


ERZIA is glad to announce the agreement with AssemCorp Elektronik A.Ş. as our new representative in Turkey. With this new partnership ERZIA expands its representative network and focus in the Turkish market, where we expect an important increase of sales of our microwave and millimeter wave modular modules for the aerospace and defence markets.

ERZIA will be present at the virtual IMS2021

We will be present at the virtual International Microwave Symposium. If you are attending to the virtual event, don't hesitate to stop by our virtual booth and check ERZIA's latest developments.

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Accurate Noise Figure Measurement in ERZIA K/Ka-Band Low Noise Amplifiers for Satcom Applications

The satellite communications industry is in constant evolution, always looking for new technologies and approaches to handle the exponentially increasing traffic demand. Driven by this continuous objective, higher RF and Microwave frequency bands have been gradually introduced, initially for networks in relatively low frequencies, such as L-Band, C-Band or X-Band, then for higher frequencies like Ku-Band which is widely used nowadays. The higher the frequency, the wider the channels, so bigger data capacity is required, thus the interest in exploiting the K/Ka-Bands and Q/V Bands.

satcom noise figure

ERZIA COTS amplifier goes to space inside NASA’s Cubesat

The traditional approach to delivering hardware to be installed in satellites and space probes is driven by extensive design, analysis, and testing phases, with long-term delivery times and budgets, which can be tens or hundreds of times bigger than their equivalent for commercial and terrestrial applications. These extensive deliveries and larger budgets are justified by the expectation of the hardware to survive and operate in the extremes of the space environment, without any possibility of reparation or replacement.

Image courtesy of NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), All rights reserved

INNOVA 2020 program

Cantabria´s government for innovation, industry, tourism and commerce office, in collaboration with the European Union, continue supporting ERZIA Technologies through INNOVA 2020 program to promote the technological development, innovation and quality research for the design, development and manufacturing of high frequency up converters with integrated local oscillators, variable gain and wide dynamic range.

ERZIA's RF Technology Supports Raytheon Deutschland GmbH Advanced Radar Detection System Capabilities

Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) systems are dedicated to obtaining as much information as possible from radar and electromagnetic sources present in a determined area. These systems are widely used in modern armies to detect, identify, and classify electromagnetic signals from RADARs, communication emitters, and hostile Jammers for threat intelligence characterization and analysis.