Wideband high power amplifier consistently delivers 40 dBm from 32 to 38 GHz

ERZIA Technologies, an RF/microwave amplifier and integrated assembly company delivering COTS solutions for high-performance/high frequency applications, has announced the release of a new, compact, Wideband High Power Amplifier (WHPA) that operates from 32-38 GHz (Ka-band). Model ERZ-HPA-3200-3800-40 has been designed to offer microwave system design engineers working on Ka-band applications reliable and consistent output power across the entire band of operation. In addition to 40 dBm of dependable power, this microwave amplifier also boasts 49 dB of gain. It is qualified under MIL-STD-810F standards against temperature, shock, vibration and acceleration.

The small size and modularity of the amplifier supports the rapid development of microwave systems for EW, avionic and ground radar, SATCOM, 5G, as well as test equipment operating around Ka-band frequencies.

ERZIA wideband designs are among the first of their kind capable of withstanding the harshest environments while holding output power in place. ERZIA developed these solutions in direct response to Electronic Warfare (EW) designers routinely indicating frustration over power variances throughout their critical wider band applications and demanding a single high-power amplifier (HPA) to serve a variety of multi-band uses among their teams.

The Ka-Band Power Amplifier, HPA-3200-3800-40 data sheet can be downloaded here: www.erzia.com/microwave/hpa/562

The full lineup of ERZIA WHPAs, including models exhibiting the following bandwidth/output power combinations: 1-23 GHz/27 dBm; 2-18 GHz/30 dBm; 15-27 GHz/29 dBm; 17-43 GHz/22 dBm; 24-40 GHz/22 dBm; 26-40 GHz/33 dBm; 33-47 GHz/29 dBm and 75-83 GHz/27 dBm.


ERZIA offers two locations to order from: Santander, Spain and Arlington, VA USA.

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