For decades, ERZIA’s leadership team has been at the forefront of engineering revolutionary RF solutions that solve the most demanding challenges for commercial, military, and space applications.

Luis García


As CEO, Luis García manages the company and oversees the achievement of goals through the implementation of the company strategy. Luis founded ERZIA back in 2002 after a professional career as an RF and Microwave Engineer in Ericsson Mobile Communications. He has lived in Spain and Sweden. He received his MSc Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Cantabria of Spain and Global MBA by IESE Business School.

Francisco Canales

Managing Director

Francisco Canales is a Managing Director at ERZIA focused on Operations and Finance as well as the VSAT/MMS businesses and has been with the company for 10 years. He started his career in the steel industry in Tycsa PSC, a Celsa Group subsidiary. With his warm and approachable style, Francisco promotes individual responsibility, delegation, and a great teamwork environment. He earned a degree in Administration and Business Management from Cantabria University, Spain, has taken International Business courses at Maastricht University, Netherlands, and completed commercial engineering studies in Federico Santa Maria Technological University, Valparaiso, Chile. He also has an International MBA from Eudem Business School.

David Diez

Managing Director

David Díez is Managing Director at ERZIA in charge of the Microwave Business, and focused on Business Development and R&D. After working as a research engineer in electronics and RF & Microwave technologies in France and Spain, he joined ERZIA in 2005. His technical background enables him to work very closely with the engineering team and his business background helps focus on actionable business development strategies. He is also a key contact point for our main customers, with a strong commitment towards customer service and satisfaction. He earned his MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Cantabria of Spain, a MBA from CEREM Business School and a Master in Senior Management from the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid.