ERZIA and ACST Partner to Develop THz Frequency Band Custom Microwave Amplifier

At the core of this partnership lies ERZIA's state-of-the-art K-Band technology, renowned for its reliability and performance. Combined with ACST's expertise in multiplication capabilities, the collaboration has resulted in the creation of a custom microwave amplifier to support ACST's innovative Amplification and Multiplication Chain (AMC) product line. This synergy allows the market to access a comprehensive range of AMCs named Compact Broadband AMCs spanning from a few GHz to 1.1 THz.

This product not only represents the successful integration of ERZIA's K-Band technology and ACST's multiplication capabilities but also highlights the combined unit's ability to transmit seamlessly across a wide frequency spectrum, from 45 GHz to an impressive 1.1 THz. This unprecedented achievement opens a world of possibilities for applications ranging from biotechnology and radioastronomy to spectroscopy and beyond.

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