Switched Filter Banks


In a spectrum that becomes more crowded every day, accurate filtering techniques are increasingly critical. Modern receivers in Electronic Warfare Systems require more and more complex and efficient filter sub-systems to allow the selection of the target signal, and to minimize the interference from adjacent channels or unwanted spurious coming from mixing and conversion stages. Wideband Test Systems also require this kind of module to optimize test accuracy.

ERZIA uses its expertise and knowledge of the latest filter implementation technologies, such as Suspended Substrate or coupled resonators, to achieve the highest rejections and lowest insertion losses. The filter section can be combined with ERZIA amplifiers, switching structures and advanced digital control techniques to provide, small, fast, performant and reliable units.

RF Bands: 

Channels from DC up to 100 + GHz
Wideband. (20+ GHz)

Key Technologies: 

Suspended Substrate filters
Microstrip filters
Coupled Resonators filters
Miniature discrets (bonding)
FPGA fast processing