custom units


A custom, integrated assembly with RF and Microwave Technology as its core can be simple or complex depending on need. It might be a standard catalogue amplifier with a simple switch at the output, or a complex unit with hundreds of inputs and outputs. It could include digital control, supporting GUI, custom interfaces, etc. Imagination is the limit.

While each configuration and end use may differ, every custom unit is supported by the field-proven design and durability of individual modules, such as amplifiers, filters, converters, switches, etc., as well as ERZIA’s reliable assembly processes, wide implementation options, from drop-in packages to robust outdoor housings, and proven ability to withstand extreme environments.

RF Bands: 

DC to 100+ GHz

Key Technologies: 

Coupled Resonators filters
Fast digital switching
FPGA fast processing
Mechanical Waveguide Integration
Microstrip filters
Microstrip integration
Miniature discrets (bonding)
Suspended Substrate filters