As we conclude our 20th-anniversary celebration, it's hard to believe how far we've come in the past twenty years. Over the years we’ve made many bold moves that have led ERZIA to be one of the industry’s most innovative and respected MW& RF leaders. As we embark upon a new year, we would like to share the 2023 highlights we are most proud of and the accomplishments that set us up for success in 2024 and beyond.

ERZIA Headquarters Expanded by 32%

ERZIA doubled our production capacity as part of the recent headquarters and manufacturing expansion. With 2023 being the best year on record, ERZIA welcomed several new partners and added several new roles to grow the team by 17%.

Excellence Commitment Reaffirmed with Renewed Quality Certification

Delivering exceptional quality continues to be a way of life at ERZIA. We renewed our EN9100 certification (the equivalent to US AS9100 aerospace industry certification) and ISO 9001:2015. These renewals affirm our commitment to quality assurance and manufacturing innovation in line with ERZIA’s ongoing mission of delivering technical excellence and the highest quality standards time after time.

ERZIA Leaps Forward to Terahertz Frequency

Innovation at ERZIA never stops. The collaboration between ERZIA and ACST marked a groundbreaking entry into the realm of THz frequencies. ERZIA's state-of-the-art K-Band technology and ACST's multiplication capabilities led to the development of a new microwave amplifier, overcoming size and performance technological hurdles to provide a range of Amplification and Multiplication Chain (AMC) products from a few GHz to 1.1 THz.

Amplifier Production Grew By 49% and Integrated Assembly Production Doubled

ERZIA introduced several new mm-wave amplifiers and integrated assemblies for commercial and military applications including EW, radar, airline and marine traffic control, remote sensing of the earth and our weather, small sensors in cars, novel topologies in small platforms like microsatellites or unmanned vehicles (UAVs) and more.

Ongoing development of our modular amplifiers product line included quarterly releases of new RF and microwave power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers (LNAs). Of particular note, we added cutting-edge LNAs for Satcom Ka-Band applications and X-Band GaN solid-state-power amplifiers (SSPA) with exceptional PRI for advanced RADAR systems.

The 2023 Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) catalog included over 150 models, covering power amplifiers, LNAs, drivers, and wide band power amplifiers (WHPAs) spanning low RF frequencies to 100 GHz. We also expanded our space application offerings, including both traditional and newspace approaches.

Successfully Launched 3 New Product Lines

We also expanded our product portfolio by adding several compact and robust MW & RF high-performance Switches, Mixers, and Equalizers with the same quality ERZIA is known for when reliability, efficiency, and seamless compatibility are critical.

What’s Coming: As We Move Into 2024

The Terahertz Spectrum is already a hot topic that’s destined to become even hotter — Stay tuned as we will continue to provide new solutions for that frequency. And at our next event, Satellite 2024, keep an eye out for our upcoming new MW&RF product announcements.

Thank you for being a part of the ERZIA journey. As we embark upon 2024, our mission is clear: We will partner with you - engineering solutions to take you further - whether it’s in satellites, aeronautics, defense, space exploration, and more.

Let’s achieve even longer distances and better performance together in 2024!

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