RF Synthesizers are critical instruments in many RF/microwave systems. From test laboratories to the most advanced communication platforms, they’re depended on to be stable and reliable frequency sources. As Software Defined Radio (SDR) and next-generation digital technologies are also evolving and enabling innovative approaches to generating RF signals with more complex RF modulations, the reliability of a high-performance synthesizer becomes even more critical.

To meet the demand for this next-generation synthesizer performance Warrior RF had a plan: Take synthesizer technology to the next level by providing ultimate performance within a low-profile single rack unit. Today, their Yellow Jacket synthesizers are now the world’s fastest 19-inch, 1U signal sources covering 10 MHz to 2.4 GHz. They feature ultra-fast switching speed of 0.2 ns over their entire frequency range, and they can be controlled via a parallel port to change frequencies every 20ns using single data rate strobes. There is also a mode for dual data rate (DDR) strobes which allows consecutive frequency changes every 10ns, and a no-strobe command mode that allows for 8ns changes between any two frequencies. For ultimate speed, a pre-stored list mode allows these synthesizers to change frequency (or phase) every 0.167 ns (or 6 billion steps/second) producing linear or non-linear FM chirps with ultra-clean sweep rates of 6,000 GHz/s with a 1 Khz step size. Their RF output power is +10 dBm with excellent phase noise of -120 dB/Hz at 2 GHz and a 10 Khz offset. Minimum frequency step size resolution is 0.1 Hz. This technology is, in fact, so advanced it completely removes the need to use FETs or PIN diodes for RF pulse formation because the sinewave is turned on and off at the digital phase counter. This method of pulse forming produces amplitude isolation greater than 100 dBc for the “off state” of the pulse.

Every Warrior Needs an Edge

Warrior RF’s Yellow Jacket Technology didn’t come together overnight. Trials and tribulations led to many different prototypes that never quite achieved “warrior status”. Upon discovering and ultimately designing-in ERZIA’s latest state-of-the-art suspended substrate filters—offering low insertion losses, sharp rejection, and excellent temperature stability over the entire band—Warrior found the game changing tech they needed.

“Utilizing ERZIA’s advanced suspended substrate filters we were able to reduce RF output spurs and harmonics by 20 dB compared to other lower performance RF filters in the market,” said Warrior Rf’s CEO, Paul Stoner.

Warrior RF is currently working with ERZIA on the design of the next release of Yellow Jacket Synthesizers which will use ERZIA suspended substrate filters again to deliver DC-20 GHz ultra-wideband (UWB) synthesizers with no band breaks and even faster commands.

Learn more about Warrior RF’s Yellow Jacket Synthesizers at: www.warrior-rf.com/products

Learn more about ERZIA’s suspended substrate filters at: www.erzia.com/products/suspended-substrate-filters

Warrior RF Yellow Jacket Synthesizers use ERZIA Suspended Substrate Filters