MSS Satellite Communications


Communication for land and sea

ERZIASAT is a unit of ERZIA that has been specializing in Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) since 2003.

ERZIASAT offers a broad range of satellite phone service and phones including Iridium, Globalstar, Thuraya and Inmarsat.

Wherever you are, sea or land, you can stay in touch in all the remote areas of the planet where the classical communications are not available.

Rent or buy

The satellite service and communications equipment offered by ERZIASAT were carefully chosen for reliability, user-friendly operation and durability.

The ERZIASAT staff will be happy to assist you in determining the best phone service and/or communications options for your individual situation.


We have a separate web site for buying and renting equipment.

Communication for land and sea

Our portfolio of satellite voice and data solutions have been widely adopted by many people that travel and work beyond the limits of terrestrial wired or wireless networks.

Stay connected anytime and anywhere with ERZIASAT's satellite phone and mobile satellite internet solutions.

Wherever you go: Stay connected

Whether you are on land or sea, ERZIASAT provides you products and services for satellite communications to stay in touch even in the most remote areas.

Rent or buy

Rent or buy, the choice is yours. ERZIASAT offers its customers services and products customized to their needs.

Erzia Team

  • We provide expert service.
  • We aim to have our selection of preferred equipment in stock, at competitive prices.
  • We focus on satellite equipment (marine and land) and safety equipment for marine or land use.
  • We operate from Spain to serve people in the entire world.
  • Our Customer Satisfaction Policy maximizes customer satisfaction.