Commercial shipping

Cost effective and flexible Voice & Internet services for all customer needs. Global and regional coverages for every route.

Flat rate and controlled costs to be connected everywhere at any time.
Crew call debit cards to keep your team connected.

Research vessels, oil & gas

ERZIA offers MTN Global Coverage Network and services for those Industries focused on high quality services.

  • End-user products such as Internet, voice, live global TV and mobile apps
  • Enterprise solutions such as crew welfare tools, Web portals and video conferencing
  • Technical solutions such as network management and bandwidth optimization

Service excellence and value are non-negotiable, as is revenue generation. The traditional answer – increasing satellite bandwidth – no longer delivers on those marks.


High speed broadband Internet and telephone services for Corporations with remote offices. Secure and cost effective communications to connect the company network all over the world. Tailor-made solutions for all customer needs.

Temporary and long term installations to enable your people to be connected at any time wherever they have to work.

Military & Government

Cyber security and integrated ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) solutions serving high-demand military, government and civilian users worldwide.

Maritime and land services in C, Ku and X band.